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Friday, December 5, 2008

Terror in Mumbai ( BOMB’bay’ )

Now a day Mumbai has become the prime target of terrorists. This may be because it is considered to be the financial capital of India. They cannot target the national capital may be because the security it has, just because the presence of the ‘rulers’ who are there. As Mumbai is the soft spot of India, terrorists know if Mumbai got some problem, entire India will be affected in one way or other.

As one of Israel’s media reporter has suggested India is handling terrorism softly and media is trying to popularize it. He also added India always blames neighbouring countries and there will not be any further investigations about it. He also suggested such mass attacks cannot be carried out without the support from local people.

The US intelligence has warned India about a possible attack twice. But the government did not take proper precautions. The politicians got their ‘own’ business to do. Here in India the intelligence is often used to spy the opposition politician. Even the army had warned Delhi and Maharashtra about the boat. But both the governments did not take any action. It has also been said that NSG commandos had to weight nearly 6 hours to get the order for the operation. It took them 2 hours to reach Mumbai and from the airport they moved to the spot via Public Transport Department Buses.

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