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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cultural Terrorism

The powerful nations of the world are responsible for the religious fanaticism and bigotry all over the world. They are always employing some covert method to impose their will over the weaker nations. Culture is the most effective weapon in their hands. Terrorism is a relative term without any obvious definition. Even it has not been described exactly by the United Nations. Every nation and every religious and ethnic group describe terrorism in some ambiguous terms. There are a lot of explanations from many different angles.

A severe action carried out by politically motivated groups with the Systematic use of ferocity to create a general atmosphere of panic in a population and thereby to bring about a specific political change is called terrorism. The nationalist ethnic and revolutionary groups use it for their ends. It is a derogatory term to condemn the acts of violence.

Terrorism is a political method that uses threat and violence against civilians to terrorize a target group for yielding to certain political demands. It is used against governments as well as people to achieve the vested interests, which are political, religious or ideological.

Characteristics of terrorism
Violence, Psychological influence, horror, Political Objectives, Premeditated targeting of general public and Unlawfulness are the hideous characteristics of terrorism. Civil disorder, political non-political, quasi, limited and state terrorism are obnoxious kinds of terrorism. State terrorism to get a strong hold over the people and policies is considered the wicked type of terrorism.

The evil objects and aims of such acts of violence vary extensively from person to person and group to group. Secession, dominance of some group, imposition of wishful policies, exploitation of economic resources and opposition to the government are a few signaled out ends of terrorism.

Neo-terrorism or cultural terrorism
All these theories and propositions aside we find a novel kind of terrorism being perpetrated throughout the third world. The powers are the using overt and covert methods to achieve their interests. Acts of sabotage are not the sophisticated ways of gaining hegemony over the poorer nations. The brutal use of force involves many dangers, as it requires physical presence of the warriors of the exploiting power. Use of guns, bombs and chemical weapons are the older methods of creating panic. These older ways are control able if the host government is alive and sincere with the public. That could result in failure for the big powers.

They pondered over to bring out some explicit acts that could not easily be detected. They worked out a comprehensive plan to destabilize the host governments and the people as well. They were aware of the obstinacy and ignorance of the third world people. They knew that they couldn’t overcome by mere use of force. They needed a strategy that should not demand physical involvement to destabilize the societies. They came to the conclusion that the cultural invasion of the third world would be the feasible way to achieve ends.

Firstly they were made parasites by throwing away aids and grants to make them familiar with their cultures, and then the alien culture was imposed on them. This is the worst kind of terrorism that alienates the people from their own culture and civilization and makes them to adopt the style of living of the big powers. This is on the back of the theory of clash of civilizations.

Whole the poor world that has hidden resources like oil gas and other precious metals is the target of this policy. Africa and south Asia is the target of this method of terrorism. It is successfully working with the conniving at the rulers of these areas.

Although all the religious communities are infected yet the Muslims are the real patients. They have proved themselves an easy prey and the cultural hawks are hunting them and making merry over them. They are getting manifold advantages from this sort of terrorism. The invaders are leading them astray from their real culture through the intimidation of calling the practicing Muslims as fundamentalists and terrorists. Even the naïve governments of the Muslim world are bowing before these weapons and striving their hard to prove themselves moderate and enlightened by opposing and killing their own people.

Take a cursory glance at the third world and especially the Muslim world. They have been made the victim of inferiority complex and want to conceal this complex by copying the west. The Indian sub -continent, Arab states, central Asian states and African nations are the worst example of this phenomenon. The weaponry, which the west possesses and uses, consists of only FOUR words. These are the Fundamentalism, Democracy, Human rights and Terrorism. These four words are the poisonous daggers being stabbed into the bellies of the rulers as well as the people and are doing the work of hundreds and thousands of nuclear bombs. Even the publics of the developed nations never lose a chance to abet their governments by saying the Muslims and other backward people savage and uncivilized.

Their cultural terrorism is making headway and providing them with respect prestige and money without their physical involvement in a lot of poor countries of the world. The United Nations organization has always been opposing verbally all kinds of exploitations yet it has not devised any plans to check this practice of the powers. On the contrary it has helped them through its wings and agencies to perform such acts of subversion.

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