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Friday, December 5, 2008

Replace CRT with LCD on Desktop

It has to be thought long before, that is the removal of CRT from the Desktop. First it may be felt like an impossible mission. But after realizing the fact that CRT requires four times more energy than an LCD monitor.

Most of the energy spent on the CRT is wasted as heat. So in one way we are utilizing the energy for the purpose of heating. This will be adding the heat to the environment.

All the studies which have been conducted on global warming has suggested better utilization of energy like, reducing the usage of hot water, which in turn add heat to the environment. But a few have mentioned about the need of changing of the display system which is currently in use.

Majority are switching over to laptops which will be using much lesser energy but most of the offices are still using desktops as it is not possible for them to use laptops. But they can use LCD monitors instead of using CRT. The price range between the CRT and LCD are lessening day by day. Not only that in long run we can save a lot in the energy bill. Like the campaign of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), LCD monitors should be encouraged.

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