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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mumbai Attack And Delhi Elections

The Indian government kept quiet about the Mumbai attackers origin and nationality. They were afraid if the sentiments will go against the ruling party as it’s a major loophole in the security of the entire Nation. As Mumbai is one of India’s major city, considered to be the financial capital, the attack seems to be unforgivable. Moreover the attack was carried on foreign nationals which spoil the image of our country.

But what our irresponsible government did, they gave importance to the elections and even delayed the commando operation that was carried out. Therewas even rumors that the attack was carried out by Indians and not Muslim terrorist. The policy of Indian government is laughable. They are against the usage of the frame ‘Muslim Terrorists’. They are eying only one the votes. They should show the guts to end terrorism and take acton against terror. The convict of Parliament Attacker is still in jail and he was ordered to hang. But as soon as the Congress government came to power they made a hold on it and delaying. After the recent Mumbai attack the government is saying they will hang him.

Who should be blamed, the people for voting??

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