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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pakistan And Terrorism

Who should be blamed for the recent terror attack in Mumbai, India or Pakistan. Still there are reports that India officially did not hand over the list of terrorists involved and need for execution. Today Pakistan government have washed their hands saying JuD leader is not in their custody. They say even they are in need of him. Earlier they said he was under house arrest. The person who was in house arrest disappears. He was released in 1999 from India after the Air India plane hijack. Day by day they change the statements. Now they say India has violated Pak airspace on Dec 13th. They have earlier denied it when news reports came.

India got one of the strongest army and allocate a lot In budget. What actually they do? They are not f\given opportunity. Government buys lot of old aircraft and warships from foreign countries and they are just for display. Majority of the budget goes as bribe, politicians fight outside and when some deals are going to be made they are one. Majority of them do anti nation activities and not even a single one is in jail.

When elections come they talk about India-Pak issue and terrorism. The politicians do not care much as most of the money is being spend on their safety, security and well being. A new political party should come with more youngsters.

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