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Friday, February 13, 2009

Remove the word 'Luck From Your Dictionary

The word luck is often used by most of us. Whenever someone succeeds, we use-'how luck he is', or when we meets a failure we use-'how unlucky I am'. We never thinks how hard the person who succeeded worked to be lucky. Or we never thinks we have not worked hard an met failed. We are determining our luck, As the old proverb-Whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. We will not get anything extra without working hard.

The most successful persons int he world from Mahatma Gandhi to Dhirubai Ambani, Newton to Edison worked hard to become something in their life. Let us take the example of Gandhiji. During his younger days he worked among the poor and individuals in remote villages, thereby by almost everyone identified him in his sixties and there by became a national leader. Imagine the hard work he had done to organize and make aware the people of India to unite.

The usages I am not lucky enough, and similar sort of expressions is often made by defensive, negative minded persons. The story of success can only be heard from a hard worked or outworked person among us.

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