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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Passions

When we were kids we had many passions. Where did all these go when we had grown up? The kids had them passion to be superheroes, poets, pilot and lot more. But due to the pressure in life. Moreover the negative minded and fearful people laughed at their dreams which disheartened most of the people. But we should understand that person with no dreams and passion will not reach anywhere in life. They don’t have any goal and their goal will be limited. We are often in a mindset that we should not dream bug, reach too high and love too much. The author Robin Sharma (www.robinshrma.com)has mentioned this in one of his great book, ‘The Greatness Guide’. Now people have stopped dreaming much out o fear that if they dream and what will happen if they don’t get it. It should be understood that there is no limit for our goals and its cause passion. We should not limit or dream to this world. The current situation is the bet example- recession. The phenomenon recession started to affect the lives of many. And a recent survey has sighted that it had taken toll in the personal relationship of many American citizens.

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