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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Be A Leader

Leadership is not a popularity contest, or a state where everyone likes us. Being a leader just means, to be courageous and have the capability to react against injustice. The leader responds by just doing the right thing. Everyone is a leader according the situation. It doesn’t matter even if we are a student. Nowadays people consider leadership as a thing of fame. All the best leaders really care about is being fair, doing things and getting the right results. A good leader may be criticized for his doings, but we should be aware of the fact that a leader will always be criticized. But who cares? We will never find a critic at our deathbed. They run their own race making the right decisions, very little bothered about the public opinion. We should live such a life, so that when we die the world should be a better place than when we came here.

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