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Monday, May 11, 2009

Be Ready To Face Any Challenge

We should be always prepared to face the set backs which we may face in our life. All ups got downs too, like waves which rise and fall. But many get disappointed by small failures in their life. We should understand failure is the stepping stone to success. People who believe in personality ethics say, our future is determined by us; if we believe we can do anything and achieve anything by working on it. They say firmly believing and being confident means we achieved 50% of our goal.

So when you face any challenge, believe that you will overcome it and work for better result, you will get a positive result. Our thinking should be always positive.


Jaidev said...

Or putting it in another way - There are no failures or setbacks in life, but only learnings! Something which you perceive as failure can be transformed into a success if you could grasp the learning universe is offering you in disguise.

Remember - This universe is a University ! It offers you some lesson and if we don't learn it, it will give you the same lesson again and again. So learn and pass the tests...Be a good student!

athul b. nair said...

Yeah, no man has ever failed or a failure when he returned from this world. Instead it is a lesson for the people who are still here

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