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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Pirates Vowed to Show No Mercy to Americans in Future

Pirates of Somalia has vowed that in future they will not show any mercy to the American hostages in future. The real intention of the pirates are money. They are not much interested in killing of hostages. At last stage they didn't demand any ransom, instead they asked a free passage for them to escape. But the US navy shot them with snipers. This made the pirates more angry and in future they may target the US ships alone. At present the Taliban in Somalia and the pirates are not in good terms there. But enemy's enemy can be friends. Taking this situation into account the US should worry as Taliban can supply arm and aid to the pirates and in return they will share the ransom amount. Moreover the killing of Americans will be suppoted by Taliban. This will create a pressure in the US government to invade Somalia and make a 'stable' government as in Iraq and Afganistan. If the recession was not in its peak, they would have no problem in doing this. But for another invasion they have to wait till the Iraq troop withdrawal and economy becomes stable.

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