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Monday, March 30, 2009

Catch People When They Do Right

The statement seems to be odd, we always try to catch people when they do something wrong. Our mind is always tuned in such a way. Most often we will not tolerate if someone else make any mistake. But never bother to appreciate a person when he does something good. Don’t feel anything bad to appreciate a person who has done something good. Go directly to him appreciate about the good things he or she has done. Don’t bother what others thing when you believe the action is right.

But in our busy life often we will not get time to do small deeds which are big to others. The appreciation will not take much time and there is no need to take much time to do it. And sometimes the person at the receiving side too may be busy. Even if the action is for less than a minute and we are able to convey what we meant precisely and directly the receiver will never forget it.

So stop for a while, catch people when they do right, appreciate. Because smaller things often makes others happy than the bigger ones.

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